Company Overview

KnowledgeWare21 Inc was created to provide the educational world with a pedagogically sound software solution that brings together all school related data to maximize student achievement, teacher effectiveness, and resource allocation.

A solid team of educators, researchers, administrators and software specialists:

The leaders of the company are experienced professionals whose collective experiences cover multiple types of teaching and learning, effective school district administration and expert software design. This includes experience with math and language teaching and learning, professional tennis coaching of high performance athletes, teaching of fashion design and movie making. The team also benefits from the special skills and insights of researchers with extensive experience in measurement and evaluation, especially with at risk students. Finally, our software specialists have an uncanny ability to create solutions that produce analyses and reports perfect for all stakeholders within the educational community, governmental agencies and policy makers.

Our philosophy -- We believe that everyone can learn:

We believe that everyone can learn. A systemic and coordinated effort of a great many people is required to create the conditions to make that happen. KW21 facilitates this effort.

A multi-sided platform:

KnowledgeWare21 has created an internet based multi-sided platform that allows institutions vested in teaching and/or training to succeed in a modern environment. It offers the freedom to implement solutions that best meet the needs of students and educators. The multi-sided aspect means that we have multiple groups of people that can work together toward achieving the common goal of proficiency on the standards as put forth by state and provincial agencies or your own institution. For example: there are tools for students, teachers, principals, central office administrators, industry experts, educational agency officers, and policy makers who all make use of one central repository of data.

The needs and challenges:

The company’s applications provide solutions to many of the challenges facing education in the 21st century knowledge economy, including:

  • The need for curriculum transparency and clearly articulated learning objectives
  • The need for institutions to build the capacity of its teachers and administrators
  • The need for integrating cross-disciplinary 21st Century skills in the curriculum
  • The need for institutions to capture their curriculum that others will find easily accessible, reusable and modifiable
  • The creation of a relevant, viable and measured curriculum (GVC) through the collaboration of multiple teachers, PLC leaders and administrators of schools and districts.
  • The development of standards-based student procifiency profiles
  • Job imbedded educator and administrator professional development
  • Tools to support the planning and evaluation of professional development
  • The ability to recognize people's prior knowledge before enrolling in a program and requiring them to take courses that they don't need.


      KnowledgeWare21 is located in Northampton, Massachusetts with an office in Toronto, Ontario.
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