Team Members
Leonardo Larouche – CEO and co-founder

Mr. Larouche recognized many problems in educational accountability and transparency systems. To address many of the issues that were recognized, he began development of the KnowledgeWare21 system in 2003 and co-founded KnowledgeWare21 Inc. in 2011. Leonardo has extensive experience in the educational sphere relating to policy, trend analysis, applied technologies as well as product development and strategy. He also has deep expertise in the development of global enterprise quality assurance software and application security. A former tennis professional and coach, Mr. Larouche understands what it takes to succeed in the long-run and brings the same dedication to helping education meet the challenges of the 21st century global knowledge economy.

Robert Blanchette – Chief Academic Officer

Mr. Blanchette has worked for over 30 years as a teacher and administrator in both public and private schools in grades 7 - 12. For most of his career, he was at The Williston Northampton School, a private boarding and day school in Massachusetts, where he served primarily as a teacher, coach, department head and advisor. He was also the Director of Admission for 5 years. He has served on numerous curriculum and course design committees, and he was a faculty member for seven years at the New Teacher Workshop sponsored by the Association of Independent Schools in New England. Bob earned Bachelors degrees in Mathematics and in Foreign Languages, and he also holds a Master of Arts in Teaching degree. Bob’s contributions to KnowledgeWare21 stem from his extensive experience with the challenges facing teachers today and his long held belief that students are best served through a knowledge/skills based education.

Malcolm Pearcey – Executive Vice-President and co-founder

Mr. Pearcey has been a Professor of Design & Drafting for 11 years at Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology where he  was responsible for course and curriculum development and teaching. Malcolm also has hands-on experience with the Ontario Colleges Program Review process. He focuses  on fact based research and analysis of education to identify practices, technologies and behaviors that separate best-in-class education providers from their peers.  Working closely with Mr. Larouche, Malcolm provides actionable recommendations for product innovation, product development and  deployment, and the development and  implementation of the company’s strategic vision. As well, Malcolm brings 35 years of design and production management  experience and the application of design process  and conceptual mapping in the fields of Fashion, Film and Television and Architecture.

Karen Foster Ed.D. – Research and Policy Analyst

Ms. Foster was a Research Associate at the Harvard Graduate School of Education where she also earned her doctorate. She has evaluated teacher certification and teacher professional development programs for the Ohio Department of Education, studied higher education access initiatives for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Houston Independent School District, and conducted a three year study for The Search Institute in Minneapolis of eight community based reform initiatives experiencing varying degrees of success. She brings expertise in learning theory and deep knowledge of the challenges facing inner city schools and teachers. She has co-authored a book on assessing the catalytic and synergistic efforts of reform initiatives and the components essential to their sustainability.

Christine Larouche M.A. – Director of Research

Ms. Larouche's M.A. is in Educational Research Methods from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto. For over a decade, she directed the Interactive Educational Content department of TFO, a French Language Public Education Media organization dedicated to providing cutting edge curriculum based resources for the Ontario classroom. Since 2011, she is Senior Director of TFO Education, a position through which she works in partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Education and other educational stakeholders in the development of services and projects that aim to develop 21st century skills in Ontario students.

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