The Menu System and Other Software Generalities

The Menu System: Module, Navigation and Element Menus:

1. Menu: this is where you select the module and what you want to work on within a module.
2. Shows that the K-12 School module was selected.
3. Breadcrumb: Shows your location in the software.
4. Element Menu: Until a specific program is selected the only options that show is the "Search".
V. Menu System Video...

Search Screen:

1. Search Criteria: this is where you enter criteria to narrow or filter a search.
2. Having clicked the "Retrieve" button at the bottom you see the search results.
3. "Clear" button: removes the criteria entered for the search.
4. "Create New" button: allows you to create a new item. For example a new program.
5. "View|Edit" button: allows you to see a record selected in the search results.

Details Screen

1. Having selected a specific an item from the search screen we see all the related options.
2. Shows the details screen with the specific fields for that item.
3. "Delete" button: removes the record from the list of active records.
4. "Cancel" button: cancels the current operation.
5. "Create New" button: creates a new record that can be saved to the database.
6. "Add|Save" button: Add a new record or Save an existing record in the database.

Screens with Hierarchies - For example: the Overlaps Screen

1. Breadcrumb indicating that we are in the Course to Course Overlaps screen
2. Percentage of overlap between the 2 courses. Overlapping items are highlighted in blue.
3. "+" button: allows you to expand the hierarchy
4. "-" button: allows you to collapse the hierarchy
5. "!" button: allows you to refresh the data by retrieving it from the database
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