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Effective Instruction and its Dissemination (lessons: docs, videos, pdfs, etc.)

The distinguishing feature of the KW21 system is the Library of Learning Items. Using a 'common language' of Standards-derived Learning Items enables teachers to develop and share courses, units, lessons, assessments, scoring rubrics, and intervention strategies that are internally aligned. The system can demonstrate the Standards represented in any Learning Item. This 'common language' feature allows teachers to align the same Learning Items across multiple disciplines and grade levels. Resources to address different learning styles—videos, documents, webinars, – are also aligned to the appropriate Learning Items and can be attached to any unit, lesson and assessment.

At its heart, the KW21 system was created to support teachers doing what they do best: creating and implementing exciting, engaging instruction. The Library serves as 'the hub' for time-saving sharing among teachers. As a management tool, the Library streamlines access to records, curricula, learning plans, etc. by storing all material in one place. Ultimately KW21’s dissemination capacity will serve to foster development of virtual, 21st Century Professional Learning Communities that expand opportunities for the exchange of ideas that deepens educator learning and catalyzes the process of developing, implementing, and assessing effective, creative instruction.
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Assessment for Learning and Feedback (scoring guides and feedback in real-time)

Does the evidence we use to demonstrate student learning accurately measure what we think it is measuring?

Assessments provide feedback intended to improve student learning. Specific assessments enable teachers to pinpoint student learning needs and to adapt instruction focused on those needs. Learning Items were developed to sharpen teachers’ instructional focus, and to clarify the essential learning that should be measured in each of the Standards in order to increase the accuracy of the assessments used to demonstrate student learning. The software supports and simplifies the process of administering a variety of assessments more frequently during the learning unit rather than once at the end, increasing the effectiveness of the assessment as a tool promoting student learning.

The KW21 system can provide powerful analytics of 'real time' student, class, school-wide, and district learning progress. In addition to tests, projects, essays, etc. nontraditional assessments– portfolios, experiential learning benchmarks, and community service progress indicators–can all be aligned to the common set of Standards. The overall efficiency of KW21 can foster the timely assessment practice shown to be most effective in student learning.

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