Continuous Improvement: Plan

Clear Goals and Learning Objectives Prioritized

Effective instruction begins with a clear articulation of the learning objectives to be addressed in a unit, lesson or chapter. The KnowledgeWare21 system facilitates this backwards planning model by providing teachers with a competency-based, 'common language' Library of Learning Objectives that they can easily align to any lesson or assessment. The Library integrates the K - 12 priority content items with the cross disciplinary 21st Century skills critical to success in college and career, in a viable and measurable form.

Whole System Alignments to Standards

Because the KW21 Library of Learning Objectives is at the core of the software platform, all lessons, assessments, analytical reports, Improvement Plans, Educator Learning Plans, Student Progress Reports, etc. are aligned to them and standards. Therefore, it is easy to measure in real time gaps in student learning that need immediate attention, the effectiveness of instructional adjustments, and the progress toward meeting classroom, school and district wide goals. Learning progressions across multiple levels of a subject are also transparent.

In addition, the platform offers a feature that can identify the State Standards and the College and Career Readiness Skills that align to each of the Learning Objectives in the KW21 Library.

Professional Learning Communities

The platform has been designed to improve the effectiveness of a district’s Professional Learning Community (PLC) in meeting their particular subject and grade level goals, and aligning them to the School and District Improvement Plan objectives. In the software’s Collaboration feature, lessons and assessments can be shared, PLC work can be conducted, and information about best instructional practices can readily be distributed without the need for after school group meetings. These features save valuable time, promoting collegiality and the shared responsibility across multiple grades and subjects to help students achieve the Learning Objectives.

The organizational feature of KW21 can be used to:

* Establish a Relevant, Viable and Measured Curriculum (RVM-C)
* Determine Professional Learning Community (PLC) objectives
* Establish a Teacher Learning Plan
* Horizontal and Vertical Alignments
* Standards Based Education - Priority Standards

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