Continuous Improvement: Study

Individual Student Performance Analytics

The KW21 Learning Objectives have been written in a way that allows teachers of all subject areas and across all grade levels to align them to their curriculum. Measuring these common language Learning Objectives in deeper and deeper contexts as a student moves through the K - 12 program results in a detailed, real-time Student Skills Proficiency Profile that can then be aligned to careers and college majors. These Profiles can be shared with students and their parents as a way to provide timely feedback on student progress.

School System Analytics

The KW21 system offers a common, virtual environment in which teachers, principals and district leaders can review student achievement data in 'real time' at the individual, class, school, or district level to identify the Learning Objectives in need of adapted instruction. For example, teachers can review in August the prior performance of their new students on Learning Objectives that will be prioritized in the coming year; teachers in the same subject areas can review the percentage of overlapping instruction across multiple grade levels to critically analyze the learning progression; and educators in different disciplines, such as ELA and science, can easily identify shared learning goals in specific KW21 Learning Objective form, clearly demonstrating a student’s ability to transfer learning from one context to another – the ultimate goal of education.

Lesson and Assessment Study

The KW21 platform encourages and supports continuous improvement. Collaboration around lesson study and the creation of district wide assessments is essential to the continuous improvement model of strengthening instruction and learning, and preparing students for end-of-year state exams. Conducting these activities in a virtual environment on one’s own timetable maximizes the use of meeting in 'real time' to plan appropriate adaptations to practices, and supports creating, strengthening, and sustaining effective Professional Learning Community.

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